Meet Jackie

Office Manage & Stool “Guru”

An integral part of our daily operations, Jackie has been with us since 2015. During that time, she has truly kept us organized through her many roles at Royal Billiard & Recreation. She does much of the purchasing, order tracking and inventory management needed for daily operations. But, while her official title is Office Manager, you can often find Jackie on the sales floor too. As a matter of fact, she carries the unofficial title of “Stool Guru”. There is nobody in the company that knows more about the options and features of the stools in our extensive catalog.

When not at work, Jackie enjoys working in her garden and using the vegetables she grows to cook healthy meals. She also enjoys regularly practicing yoga and spending time outdoors. Prior to the pandemic, you could often find Jackie at a casual firepit party or enjoying the company of friends and family while dining outside on a warm summer night.

Of late, the thing Jackie misses the most is teaching, which she did part-time before the pandemic changed all of our lives. She hopes she’ll soon have the opportunity to, once again, inspire our future generations.

When asked what the favorite thing about her job is, she’ll proudly tell you it’s working for a small business and interacting with the customers. She really enjoys working as a team and providing customers with a game or the furniture that their entire family will enjoy.

Oh… and she recommends that you try out the massage chair when you stop in.

Portrait of Jackie