Reclaimed Recreation Large Dart Board Cabinet

Dart board cabinet made of reclaimed wood.


Made of reclaimed wood. This cabinet will hold English, American, and most electronic boards.

Outer 26.25″w X 31″t
Inner 24.25″w X 29″t

About Reclaimed Recreation
As a leading retailer of game room products since 1983, we recognized there were very few options available to homeowners when it came to functional game room decor with rustic appeal that is both environmentally friendly and affordable. So, our guys hit the workshop and got creative! The result: the Reclaimed Recreation line by Royal Billiard & Recreation.

All Reclaimed Recreation game room products are made from up-cycled, re-purposed pallet wood. We are careful to make sure all pallets are 100% free of chemicals and safe for your home and family. Our craftsmen build each unit right here, at Royal Billiard & Recreation. Due to the nature of this line of beautifully rustic items, each product is one-of-a-kind and wholly unique.

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