How To

Level Your Shuffleboard Playing Surface

Featuring the Olhausen Billiards Breckenridge Shuffleboard

A properly leveled table is more fun for the whole family.

Whether your shuffleboard is newly assembled, or years old, the play surface, also known as the playfield, may need to be releveled from time to time. Since your shuffleboards playfield is made of wood, temperature and humidity changes can affect its trueness.

Here, Kent explains how to check the level of your shuffleboard table, and how to true it up.

Included in this videos are tips on how to remove an convex arch from the surface to make the playfield concave or flat. We also show you how to level an Olhausen Billiards Shuffleboard versus a Plank & Hide Shuffleboard, which is the same as most other brands.

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