How To

Measure a Pool Table for a New Felt Cloth

Correct measurements help ensure your service call goes smoothly.

There comes a time in the life of every pool table when a new cloth is needed. Sometimes, this comes after years of use, when the felt has simply become worn. Other times, it’s due to a second move of the pool table. (Cloth can typically be removed and reused one time.) And, in some cases, it’s a choice based on upgrading to professional grade billiard fabric, which adds even more speed and precision to your game, or choosing a new color to match a newly decorated game room. Whatever your reason, here are two easy ways to measure, so you can let your pool table service professional know the correct size cloth to order for you.

Once you have your measurement, you can either let us know or use the chart at the end of this page to determine your pool table size.

Measuring an assembled pool table for new cloth.

To measure a pool table for a new felt while assembled, simply measure the distance between the points of the cushions at the shortest width of the table. It’s important that your measurement is from the inside points of the cushions, and not under the cushion or behind the cushion.

Incorrect way to measure a pool table for new felt
Correct way to measure a pool table for new felt

Measuring a disassembled pool table for new cloth.

If you are in the process of moving or have purchased a used pool table, you may not be able to measure the distance between the cushions. No problem! There is a way to determine the size of your pool table and it’s replacement cloth while it is unassembled.

Simply measure the distance from center to center of the pool table sites. You can provide us with that measurement or see the chart at the end of this page to determine yoru pool table size.

Measure an unassembled pool table between the sites to determine correct felt size

Pool table measurement and replacement cloth size chart.

Now that you’ve measured your pool table, you can use this chart to determine the size when ordering a new cloth.

Please note: we only replace cloth on 3-piece slate pool tables.

7-foot Table

Distance between cushions:

Distance between sites:
under 11″

8-foot Table

Distance between cushions:

Distance between sites:

8.5-foot Table

Distance between cushions:

Distance between sites:

9-foot Table

Distance between cushions:

Distance between sites:
under 12.5″

10-foot Table

Distance between cushions:

Distance between sites: